Mooeti is developed by Conceptverse. We are visual development studio founded by passionate artists couple, working for over 15 years in the entertainment industry. Between client work and after hours we work hard to make unique and original content. Creativity is our driving force, and we channel our extra energy to side projects. We love creating and exploring new ideas. We hope our work will give joy and amusement to others.



Artur Sadlos

Artur is an accomplished art director, concept artist, and illustrator. For over 15 years he is creating new worlds, characters, and stories for the video game industry, animation, and film.  Due to the broad and passionate interest in the entire process of creation, he never limited himself to one creative field. In his career, he has occupied many positions and roles sharpening a wide range of skills. He works both in traditional and digital media, striving for their synergy in serving the ultimate end-result. His portfolio contains titles such as For Honor, Witcher 3, Hitman, Halo 5 and Dead Island to name a few. He has worked with well-known studios such as Framestore, Buck, Axis Animation, MPC, Platige Image or Techland. Frequent award-winner in the field of art direction, concept design and illustration. His works were published many times in prestigious publications such as Spectrum, ImagineFX, Exotiqe, and Expose.

He loves to travel, take pictures and eat new, delicious food. 


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Ada Glowacka

Adrianna "Ada" Glowacka is concept artist and illustrator working as a freelancer for the entertainment industry. A graduate from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology majored in New Media Art in Warsaw, Poland.  She is working using mostly digital techniques, but the traditional way is also important in her repertoire. Especially the beloved watercolors. During her career in companies like Platige Image, Buck and Akson she designed VR games, stage musicals, and game cinematics. Having a wide range of skill she is pursuing after the best designs and ideas out there. No surprise that she joined the Mooeti project having a lot of common goals with Artur.

Traveling with a good portion of food hunting is her second nature. A connoisseur of rare memes. Interested in the animal kingdom. She loves dogs.


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