Hero vs Giant

There are many legends spread through the Mooeti world. One of them is a tale of heroes so powerful that they could stand a fight with Guardians. Everyone knows no force of nature is stronger than the Guardian. But it is good to have tales of such an impossible courage.

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Desert Gate

What is behind that stone gate?

Desert Gate i.jpg

Few examples of what`s in the store

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Wooden Giant

Great dangers await in deep desert.

Cinematic framing

Both illustrations were used as a covers for Pixel magazine (retro&indie gaming). Theme of the issue was "Game Bosses".

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Deep Desert

The desert in almost never ending. And it’s extremely dangerous to cross it. Caravans are rare, but the profit is too tempting.


Cinematic framing

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Hello World!

Every journey has the beginning. It's time to officially start the website dedicated to Mooeti project. Follow our journey as we will progress towards our first goal - The Artbook. In this blog section, we will share fresh updates, exclusive insights into the making of Mooeti and a lot of extra content like tutorials, videos, and experimental works.



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